Chibi Style Tokyo Ghoul – Midori Gifts.
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Chibi Style Tokyo Ghoul


Brand Midori Gifts.

Tokyo Ghoul's most popular characters scaled down and ready to play or display.

Choose from five characters:

- Ken Kaneki, our young protagonist is showcased here in his awakened ghoul form with signature white hair and black outfit

- Uta the mask maker, whose scaled down chibi style shows off his unique hand tattoos and facial piercings 

- Touka Kirishima, our heroine, wearing her school uniform and signature cold stare under asymmetrical bangs 

- Renji Yomo, with his usual stoicism and grey trench coat, displayed here in adorable detail on this nendoroid style figure

- Suzuya Juzo, special class ghoul investigator, whose creepy, chaotic expression is emphasized in greater detail thanks to chibi style features 


  • 8cm high
  • Hard plastic figure
  • Detachable clear plastic stand
  • Please note that photos shown may differ from the final product
  • Paintwork is done partially by hand and therefore final products may vary
  • This product is a replica of an existing figure
  • Made in China