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Plush toys

Peppa Pig


Brand Midori Gifts.

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Plush toys

Plush toys

Welcome to Midori Gifts

Midori Gifts is an independently owned and operated gift store in 238 Princess Street, Kingston, Ontario and now online!  We strive to provide unique, cute, and reasonably priced items that are often difficult to find in the rest of Canada. Visit us for your presents and gift needs or something to treat yourself and brighten your day! As we like to say, we have a gift for every occasion and no special occasion is not deserving of a present!

We believe in giving all our customers quality customer service and products. While we may not be able to answer how long it would take to walk to the moon, we can certainly answer any questions that you may have about our products! You can easily contact us or if you are especially curious, you can call us during our very long business hours!